Sunday, October 09, 2005

How to have good sex?

I just found a interesting site, it's a site that teaches you how to have good sex. I'll copy and paste the promo text below:

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The ultimate sex guide

Monday, August 29, 2005


Tips for having anal sex:

  1. Experiment with different positions. Instead of the rear entry position, try the missionary position, with your partner's legs pointed toward the ceiling. This position, as well as the side-by-side position are great beginner’s anal sex positions, because it’s easier to fully relax the anus.
  2. If it hurts, you're doing something wrong. Never proceed if your partner is in pain. If you focus on relaxing your anus, you shouldn't feel pain.
  3. You can explore anal sex in the shower, which helps you stay slippery (use a silicone-based lube so it won't wash away), and alleviates any fear of uncleanliness.
  4. If you have trouble at first, consider masturbating with some anal toys: butt plugs, anal dildos, and anal beads, can all be a nice introduction to anal play.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


As always, this matters more to some people than others, but in this case it's a more popular issue than with just about any other kind of sex, for obvious reasons. First, having bathed more recently than the last BM is a good idea.

It's a good idea to have a bowel movement an hour or so before, to ensure that nothing is encountered during any penetration (unless you're into that, I suppose), and then bathe the area.

Other than basic cleaning like that, oil-based lubricants are a great insulator for anal contact. They tend to cover up any potential (or simply feared) smell and transfer of icky stuff. If you use Vaseline/petrolatum, for example, the odds are that a simple wiping off with a dry cloth will result in finger/penis/whatever seeming to be just about perfectly clean. Again, this may not matter to some people, but it's worth mention because it is crucial to others.

To some people, enemas may seem like overkill, or even to be grosser than not having one before anal sex anyway. But they certainly do bear mention, in case this sounds like a good idea to you (feeling comfortable with things like cleanliness are potentially very important). This is especially worth considering in actual penis penetration, since one gets a lot deeper than even the most dilligent bathing process is going to be able to clean. But it is still not a really common practice, even for actual penetration. Of course a few people even find enemas to be sexually exciting themselves.

Monday, August 08, 2005


In ancient Peruvian cultures, at least half of all married couples indulged in anal intercourse in their lovemaking experiences. In addition, a more recent survey of 5000 married couples in rural Brazil found that in 40% of households, anal sex is regularly included in the lovemaking experience.

Furthermore, in Rio de Janeiro, the figure is even higher at around 50%. These figures are high mostly because the couples want to avoid pregnancy, contact with menstrual blood, and rupturing the hymen before marriage. But there is surely more to anal sex than issues of contraception and chastity. Today, with modern and efficient contraceptive tools and early sexual experiences, anal sex is practiced for pleasure. In North America, Redbook Magazine surveyed 100,000 married women on their anal sex practices. Here is what the survey said:

- 43% of married women have tried anal intercourse.
- Of these, 40% found it somewhat or very enjoyable.
- 49% didn't like it.
- And 10% had no particular feelings one-way or the other (no pun intended).

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Preparing for anal sex

Patience is the third and final thing you need to make anal sex possible. Initial penetration is always the most difficult part of anal sex -- the anus is a tight ring of flesh at the opening of the rectum designed to control the elimination of bodily waste. It is partially under voluntary control, and partially reflexive to stimulation. Your partner has to relax, and you have to go slow to coax it into opening enough to receive your penis.

Start with a well-lubricated finger or a slim (smaller than your penis) dildo. The dildo is more realistic, but your fingers can flex and feel what they're doing inside her ass. Slide one finger in slowly, letting her adjust to it. Take your finger all the way out, then push it back in again. Give her anus time to get used to this kind of activity. Then slide a second finger in. Consider how big your penis is and realize that two fingers is probably enough.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Play Safe

Anal sex can be safe, but you need to take precautions.

Rule number one: Anything that touches the anus shouldn't be touching anything else. Never ever take the penis out of the anus and put it into the vagina. That can lead to serious infections and other complications. After any kind of anal play, you should immediately change condoms and wash the relevant body parts thoroughly.

You also need to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS; herpes, genital warts, syphilis, and gonorrhea can all be transmitted through anal sex. You simply shouldn't be having anal sex without a condom; it's not worth the risk to either partner.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

What do I need to have anal sex?

The most important pieces of advice anyone can give on anal sex are: lubricants, condoms, and patience. The most commonly available lubricant is KY-Jelly, a greaseless, odorless substance available at most drug stores. Better lubricants include Astroglide, ID, Wet, or ForePlay, some of which are available at better drug stores, and most of which are available in some form at adult toy stores.

Do not buy anything that is oil-based. Make sure the lubricant you buy is rated "condom compatible." Nothing else will do. Oil-based lubricants such as vaseline or baby oil will destroy a condom long before you're done having sex. And many oil-based sub-stances will coat the lining of the rectum, providing a haven for many potential infections.
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